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when hubby came home from his trip, he opened one of the boxes and fished out a tub of cookie dough from our cousins.  now we all know im not very enthusiastic about cooking, all the more about baking.

it all started when i was younger and thought that i would bake some instant brownies (take note, instant, those mixed from the box and then popped in the oven).  the first time i tried it, it was golden brown but the insides were gooey and obviously were not yet cooked.  the next time i tried, i burnt the outside but the insides were just right.  i tried a couple more times until i resolved never to bake again.

so when hubby enthusiastically announced that he wanted me to bake i had my reservations.  i took the tub out today and read the instructions.  it was a 20 minute cooking period so i thought id give it a try.


pensively waiting and looking through the oven glass door, i saw my cookies grow just until the edge of the next one.  the kitchen smelled really good and best of all my cookies looked and tasted delicious!  i was so confident i cooked a second batch and stored them in zip tight containers in lieu of cookie jars.  wow! that was easy!

thanks to our cousins R&C for the magic tub of cookie dough … and for the coach baby bag that i got.  i hope it brings us luck in getting a little one i can use it on!  hopefully as cute as your little angel!


December 13, 2008 - Posted by | Gastronomic experience

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