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last sunday, i went ahead and used my new mineral make up after watching the instructional CD which it came with.


because im such a cream make up fan, it was pretty odd using a brush from start to finish.  but when i was done i became a mineral powder convert!  application is definitely easy (once you get the hang of it), and the finish is pretty flawless (call it beginners enthusiasm!)!

even the mineral lipstick is great!


i got mine in bread pudding.  it may look a little lippy in this picture but its the best nude color ive ever tried!

i also tried the cuticle oil of lippmann


for anyone who has ever had dryness at the nail base a couple of days after a manicure, then this is the holy grail!  great stuff!

now i know those who have tried jo malone has definitely gone gaga over the scent.


i loved the blue agava and cacao that my mom sent me last year so this year, she sent me a number of tubes of different scents ( i just love my mom!).  i tried the nectarine blossom and honey scent first.  it is just wonderful!  im so torn between using it up first or jumping to the next scent!

and so happily on the escalator as we were on our way home last sunday, i spied a great looking pair of shoes at cmg.  when i went in, i could not leave without it!  hubby gave in after a few minutes of trying to convince me that i did not need another pair of shoes and some upward rolling of eyeballs.  i guess he realized i had to buy it or sleep in the store until i did (hehehe!)


aren’t they gorgeous?!  i cant wait to wear them!!!


December 11, 2008 - Posted by | Chichi

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