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Uniquely Singapore

finally, spare time to blog about our trip……but please bear with me as some of the pictures are with hubby.

We arrived at the changi airport in style as we got upgraded to business class ü the plane was overbooked as pinoys could not pass up the chance to see the first F1 night race.

What a lovely country! It is like home only better. Public transpo is safe and efficient and is so easy to learn. We were commuting like singaporeans after a night of instruction! Of course that may have been due to the fact that the country is so small.

Our first agenda, SHOPPING!!
You will not believe the number of malls in this island! There’s a mall specifically for sporting goods, for electronic items, for luxury articles, etc! We of course headed first to the electronic mall with my full consent because I GOT MY OMNIA! ÜÜÜ

We had our late lunch in the food republic because, i confess, we got lost in the maze of interconnecting malls (hehehe!) by that time i was so hungry i was ready to pick a fight *mrs grouch*  I tried the prata which i had with cheese and mushroom and the teh tarik which i found out was the hot milk tea.


Pangs had beef noodle which was really yummy too!

We then had dessert of watercrest juice and this fried bread with read beans inside (I though this was ultra yummy, but then of course any fried bread is yummy to me!), and soya milk.

I had passed up the chance to taste their kopi o because i had a bout of chest pain due to our tourist walk around town.  We ended our day with hubby’s bag purchase (who says guys are not interested in bags?! Mwahaha!).  He got this nice camera laptop bag from lowepro.  Then we went to have a light dinner in a noodle house with a mongolian concept.
The two new singaporean shoppers headed home satisfied Ü


October 4, 2008 - Posted by | Gastronomic experience, Trips

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