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F1 night race

The four F1 fans headed to the raffles mall to eat lunch before the big race.  We ate at shozou a japanese restaurant themed like a food court with a card to swipe when you go around to order. After we stuffed ourselves we headed to the gates for the most awaited event of the 2008 Formula 1, the Singtel Grand Prix!


First dilemna was where to put ourselves so that hubby could take good pictures and still get a good view of the big screen.  After around two hours of trying to figure out our game plan, the early birds found a space with a ledge we could stand on.  The true pinoys that we are, we were ready with a picnic mat and all!! Hahaha!

Next dilemna was which cap i wanted.  First of all they did not have a renault cap (remember 15th & 16th positions) and next the only cap they had that came close to piquet was that of fernando alonzo and to make matters worse, it was a mercedes when he used to drive for mc laren where he gained 2 world championships…ok so i took it, first of all it looked good, secondly it was cheeper than the others, and lastly it represented my 1 & 2 teams, renault (alonzo) and mc laren (mercedes).


the weather was so hot and i could not resist the airconditioned abode of the esplanade during our 6 hour wait.  we also took this opportunity to get my sis her requested pasalubong of a picture of the merlion


here it is totski!

and so the roar of the engines were heard (you would not believe how deafening it was!  i had ear plugs on and still my ears hurt in the beginning!) and off the race started.  exciting things happened but was just seen on the screen as our curve turned out to be a safe one (hehehe).  piquet crashed (he was fine) which set off a domino effect of drivers getting penalties for going to the pits and masa running off with the gas hose and finally….

FERNANDO ALONZO WINNING THE FIRST F1 SINGAPORE NIGHT RACE!!!! Whoohooo! can you imagine, my renault won?!  what are the odds?!!


the tired F1 fans exited the venue tired and hungry as were everyone else.  we had to walk far to get something to eat and ended up at burger king! duh! hehehe!  we then took the last bus home where i fell asleep with my aching injured feet….


October 4, 2008 - Posted by | Affair to remember, Trips

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