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9 thousand crab and other food adventures

the fourth day of our trip was dedicated to eating the famous singapore chili crab.  so we headed to vivo where we were just in time for lunch.


no signboard seafood restaurant was well recommended.  and we found out why.

the crabs were huge! and the chili sauce that it bathed in was deliciouso!

as you can see the plate is as big as the waiter’s waist!



even the home made bean curd was yummy and satisfied my taste with a crunchy texture.

we were however taken a back when our bill came…..hence the title of this blog! harharhar!  for a while my conscientious hubby was walking along dismayed.  i jokingly told him he should have porposed to me at such a grand restaurant and not after a hotdog at 7 eleven (hehehe!).

we then headed off to buy my camera…

i got an LX3 which i thought looked really good and according to hubby, had really good features.

(this was taken with my omnia)

the photos it took were ultra clear!  i was sure i could take good pictures with this camera.  the only detriment is my laziness to learn the technical side of photography.  that is why hubby is there for me! hehehe!

the next day, our last day in singapore hubby was determined to get his hands on the ever illusive (heart attack causing) sup tulang.  so we headed off to newton and found our red bulalo!


for all of you who fight over the utak when you have bulalo for dinner, look no further, there are 6 marrow laden bones in this dish!  the color may mislead you to think that this is super spicy but its not.  it has just the right amount of heat and mysteriously the marrow does not get sebo even when its not hot.  hmmmm…



we ate this with carrot cake which we found out had no carrots at all…..it was made of raddish and oyster sauce.


and seafood fried rice.  this is ultra yummy!


we gulp this down with the help of sugar cane juice.



the satisfied hawker-eaters left with orange fingers.


more malls


and then my kaya toast


before heading back home to get our things ready for our flight.  *sad*

being the final day of our trip, i tried to see if we had tried everything we wanted.  we still had not tasted the ba ku teh and the singapore sling but we surely will be able to one of these days.  we loved singapore so much that we might just be back very soon……..



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F1 night race

The four F1 fans headed to the raffles mall to eat lunch before the big race.  We ate at shozou a japanese restaurant themed like a food court with a card to swipe when you go around to order. After we stuffed ourselves we headed to the gates for the most awaited event of the 2008 Formula 1, the Singtel Grand Prix!


First dilemna was where to put ourselves so that hubby could take good pictures and still get a good view of the big screen.  After around two hours of trying to figure out our game plan, the early birds found a space with a ledge we could stand on.  The true pinoys that we are, we were ready with a picnic mat and all!! Hahaha!

Next dilemna was which cap i wanted.  First of all they did not have a renault cap (remember 15th & 16th positions) and next the only cap they had that came close to piquet was that of fernando alonzo and to make matters worse, it was a mercedes when he used to drive for mc laren where he gained 2 world championships…ok so i took it, first of all it looked good, secondly it was cheeper than the others, and lastly it represented my 1 & 2 teams, renault (alonzo) and mc laren (mercedes).


the weather was so hot and i could not resist the airconditioned abode of the esplanade during our 6 hour wait.  we also took this opportunity to get my sis her requested pasalubong of a picture of the merlion


here it is totski!

and so the roar of the engines were heard (you would not believe how deafening it was!  i had ear plugs on and still my ears hurt in the beginning!) and off the race started.  exciting things happened but was just seen on the screen as our curve turned out to be a safe one (hehehe).  piquet crashed (he was fine) which set off a domino effect of drivers getting penalties for going to the pits and masa running off with the gas hose and finally….

FERNANDO ALONZO WINNING THE FIRST F1 SINGAPORE NIGHT RACE!!!! Whoohooo! can you imagine, my renault won?!  what are the odds?!!


the tired F1 fans exited the venue tired and hungry as were everyone else.  we had to walk far to get something to eat and ended up at burger king! duh! hehehe!  we then took the last bus home where i fell asleep with my aching injured feet….

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Chicken rice among other treats

The third day of our trip was spent with our wonderful hosts RB &  JLB.


this couple has been living in singapore for a couple of years now and seem to happily co habitat with some of the world’s most delicious food! =)

We headed to orchard road to see more malls and had lunch at thye hong.

on our table:

2ndoyster-cakefried oyster

2ndnoodles3hokkien mee

this meant prawn noodle, according to JLB and is one of the more famous dish in singapore.  i could tell it was a popular dish because a long line had assembled in front of the stall to watch this man cook the delicious noodles


the hungry watched as he stirred and mixed the ingredients and excitedly moved forward to get closer to the freshly cooked plate of goodness!


the hokkien mee did not disappoint!  it was delicious!

our lunch was topped of with iced kachang mango from the ice shop

this is a dessert of shaved ice and what have you, very similar to our halo halo.

More malls and then a snack of ice cream sandwich from the selecta street vendor.


This was pretty good but had to be eaten quickly less you want melted ice cream all over you!

After a few more malls we headed to try the famous chicken rice.


Rumor has it that one of the former president loved the chicken rice in this place and had it delivered all the way to manila even during his exile *blind item* but i dont blame him because the food here is mouth wateringly delicious!!!

We ordered chicken rice, white and roasted

crispy baby squid

cereal prawns


Hubby just had to go auhentic and try the renowned tiger beer.
We headed back on full stomachs to watch the qualifying where fernando alonzo furstratedly placed 15 and piquet 16 (who’s the renault fan?!)

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Uniquely Singapore

finally, spare time to blog about our trip……but please bear with me as some of the pictures are with hubby.

We arrived at the changi airport in style as we got upgraded to business class ü the plane was overbooked as pinoys could not pass up the chance to see the first F1 night race.

What a lovely country! It is like home only better. Public transpo is safe and efficient and is so easy to learn. We were commuting like singaporeans after a night of instruction! Of course that may have been due to the fact that the country is so small.

Our first agenda, SHOPPING!!
You will not believe the number of malls in this island! There’s a mall specifically for sporting goods, for electronic items, for luxury articles, etc! We of course headed first to the electronic mall with my full consent because I GOT MY OMNIA! ÜÜÜ

We had our late lunch in the food republic because, i confess, we got lost in the maze of interconnecting malls (hehehe!) by that time i was so hungry i was ready to pick a fight *mrs grouch*  I tried the prata which i had with cheese and mushroom and the teh tarik which i found out was the hot milk tea.


Pangs had beef noodle which was really yummy too!

We then had dessert of watercrest juice and this fried bread with read beans inside (I though this was ultra yummy, but then of course any fried bread is yummy to me!), and soya milk.

I had passed up the chance to taste their kopi o because i had a bout of chest pain due to our tourist walk around town.  We ended our day with hubby’s bag purchase (who says guys are not interested in bags?! Mwahaha!).  He got this nice camera laptop bag from lowepro.  Then we went to have a light dinner in a noodle house with a mongolian concept.
The two new singaporean shoppers headed home satisfied Ü

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