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cine europa 11

we were eating italian pork sausage and eggs for breakfast when i opened the newspaper and saw that cine europa had started!


yearly i wait for this amusing film showing for my annual dose of european culture.  it all started in 2005 when i went to watch villa des roses a film contributed by belgium which i fell in love with.


the movie is about Paris in the months leading up to the First World War, beautiful young widow arrives at Villa De Roses to work as a chambermaid. But the “Villa” turns out to be a dilapidated old mansion run by an eccentric British couple. Louise, the main character takes it all in stride until her passionate romance with one of the tenants, a handsome German artist, spirals dangerously out of control

in 2006 i was able to watch “things that make life worth living” with hubby.  he quite enjoyed the comedy romance.  and so in 2007 he willingly accompanied me to see “umbrellas of cherbourg”,


a french/german film which we found out was a musical! hehehe! he was so bored but i really liked it.

we also watched “closely watched trains” that year, a movie from the Czech Republic.


This was an interesting 1966 film which according to reviews won the academy awards in 1967 for best foreign language film.

cine europa comes early this year as it usually shows during the month of november.  thank goodness for the good old newspaper or else i would not have known!

i am interested in in 5 films being shown this year: love songs, after the wedding, paper will be blue, 100 steps and late bloomers.  but i will only be able to watch 4 because i misssed the evening showing of late bloomers yesterday and only 3 with hubby because one is a musical which i will be watching alone (he learned his lesson!  hehehe!).

i am so excited!


September 14, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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