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a dose of culture

today we were able to get freebies from one of my best friends yene.  she unfortunately had to give up her tickets to mulan as she had to be at work saving lives as a surgeon.  hubby was not entirely thrilled because he is really not into the theater scene but he had no choice (hehehe!).

because we dont really get to go to greenbelt often, we wanted to eat somewhere new and so Solihiya seemed the restaurant for us.  we were drawned to the “eat all you can prawns” but changed our minds when we saw sizzling bulalo in the menu.

we have been looking for so long for a replacement to tagaytay’s rojonets which closed down without a trace.  solihiya’s sizzling bulalo was good but does not replace our long lost restaurant.

we also got one of my favorite dish, fried tofu

what i liked about solihiya was that they gave quail eggs and spicy dilis as free appetizers
solihiya gave heaping servings of their dishes and had waiters who knew what they were talking about.  they also said that the eat all you can order for prawns could be per table if the customers ordered other dishes (the price is normally P480 per person).  however the food was not extra ordinary.  if you want good old home cooking then solihiya is a decent place to eat.

i of course will not end a good dinner without dessert so we headed a floor down to classic confections.

we ordered good coffee and lemon cake note the cute little designs in the coffee foam…. and the crunchy inside of our cake i did wish it was a little more lemony or zesty than it was.  but it was a good ending to a good meal.

so we headed off to watch mulan jr by repertory philippines.

repertory philippines have always come up with interactive shows.  i still remember enjoying the last play we watched with my sister, emperor’s new clothes.  mulan jr was as enjoyable.  caisa borromeo who played mulan, has such good talent!  such a beautiful voice!  i also loved mushu the dragon.  it was too bad he did not come out for pictures after the show because i would have loved to have my picture with him.  not only is he a dragon but a purply pinkish one! hehehe!

a good dose of culture!


September 14, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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