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the perfect place to cool down after a hot race

i woke up early this morning (as usual) and started a conversation with my half awake hubby.  this was my tactic to wake him up so we can start our day (hehehe).  i always think that starting the day early avoids wasting precious time.  maybe this philosophy stems from my ever hectic training and so when im given a free day, i dive into it like there will not be one for a long time (trauma?!).

yesterday i had asked what would be our plan for today and eventhough he slightly resisted to my OC ways, he gave me a time line for our sunday.  so after an hour of waking up, i went to take my shower and started to get ready.  we had our ever ubiquitous bibingka breakfast and then headed out to fort to attend a street race.

when we got there hubby’s friend was on the track and got the best time during the first run.  we stood there for the next 1 hour as hubby took pictures.  he decided against running in the race because of the ultra narrow turns (a mistake could cost you your wheels) and bad road.  i was sweating like a piglet under the hot sun.  thank goodness for the golf umbrella we had.

what a better place to have lunch after a hot race than at the ice cream bar.

the ambiance was good and the AC was great (we needed all the cooling we could get after standing under the sun).
i ordered chunky chicken sandwich with calamansi iced tea and hubby ordered bolognese with red iced tea. i have yet to find a chunky chicken sandwich better than pancake house.  the ice cream bar’s chicken sandwich’s kaiser bun was nice and crispy and the chunky chicken came with crispy lettuce and chunks of green apple but the whole thing was a little bland for me and not as chunky as it looked in the pictures on the menu.  i must however recommend the crispy potato chips side dish it came with.  these were served hot and crispy seemingly fresh from the pan! yuuuummmmy!  if this side dish does not come with other sandwiches i would probably order the chunky chicken sandwich again (the chips are that good!) but if it does come with other orders i may try something else next time.

hubby’s bolognese pasta was on the other hand pretty good.  the noodles were cooked just right and the sauce was yummy.  the presentation could be a little better, but hey, they are called “the ice cream bar” and not “the pasta place” right?!

we topped off our lunch with frozen yogurt and strawberry sundae.  these were both yummy and a perfect ending to our hot sunday!

    next time i want to try their ice cream sandwich and their malt milkshake and root beer float and banana caramel signature concoction…..yup we definitely will be back!


September 7, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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