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off to see the race

we’re off to see the race in the land of the merlion…..

see you in after a week!



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tight schedule

i woke up this morning realizing that we had booked to many things for the day.  we were to leave the house after lunch then go to rockwell for the pinoy bazaar then to shang for the cine europa and then mass.  the planner in me screamed panic and i decided we were either going to rockwell for the bazaar OR to shang for the cine europa.  the shopper won.

with a lighter schedule, we went off to rockwell to first get a cup of coffee as i was soo sleepy as my internal clock had woken me up this morning at 6am (my usual start of the day) even though i had only slept at 3am from the party.  after my cafeine rush we headed to mass which had a good sermon then to the pinoy bazaar.


this was the best bazaar i had ever gone to! i swear!!  you are greeted at the registration booth by very accomodating staff and as soon as you step in you see a vast expanse of wonderful things all philippine made!

my first buy were bag organizers which i will give as gifts.  then i bought my little sis a beautiful hand crafted clutch *envy envy*







and then i chanced upon this booth Obra by ming ong, with such wonderful collector item clothes!  i bought a hand painted blouse.  not only was the painting and eye catcher, the blouse style was unique!  i love it!


this shirt is done by justine her sister.  beautiful piece!


and look at the details on the back


i will be wearing this to the F1 with black jeans and my comfy crocs closed doll shoes and my kate spade.  i cant wait!!!

i then went on to buy a reusable bag with cute designs for just a measly P100!  what a great buy!  then i found such a cute dark gray shirt dress.  and finally the bangle ive been scouting for!


what a sulit bazaar!


i was so happy with my treasures.  so i went to meet up with hubby who roamed the regular mall almost skipping with joy with my finds.  i gushed to him about all the wonderful items in the tent especially my hand painted shirt which i was itching to show him.  but the guy he is, decided to take my shopping bags to the car before we went to eat when i had wanted to sit and show him my great buys.  he snickered at the idea of me pulling out articles from shopping bags as if i expected him to giggle with glee with me *harharhar*

so i accepted the fact that i was with a man and followed his lead to C2.

i first ate at C2 at shang with my sis (who i miss chit chatting with) on my birthday a couple of years back.  we loved the filipino dished they served with a twist.  and because hubby was craving for sisig, i thought it best to teach him that his skepticism about filipino restaurants could be misconstrued.

we ordered sisig with aligue rice and lumpiang hubad.  i ordered my ever favorite ginumis and pangs had the pandan iced tea.













































(sorry about the quality of the pictures as they were taken with hubby’s iPhone)

all i could say is……YUUUUUUMMMMMYYYY!  im very certain hubby was impressed and will not hesitate to return.

……..im glad we decided on going to rockwell today!

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missed weddings and happy endings

dont you just love good restaurant service?  we hurried to shang yesterday to catch “after the wedding”, denmarks entry in the cine europa.  it was going to start at 4:30pm and we got to the ticket booth at 3pm and it was already sold out! so sulkily we left and decided to just kill time before going to hubby’s friend, LL’s party.  after roaming around we went to cyma to grab a snack.  there were people waiting in line before us (as usual, as cyma is always packed) but because we just needed a table for 2 we were seated right away.  dont you just love when that happens.  our waiter was this bubbly guy who took our orders, gave us an estimate when our food will be served and gave us our drinks.  true enough even though the restaurant was full we were able to get our gyros in the estimated 15 minutes and were given all the condiments that we asked for in no time at all.  i tried the lettuce wrap chicken gyro which was delicious and filled me up just right.  service was excellent!

we then headed off to hubby’s friends for a mini birthday celebration.  after 5 hours and a lot of good laughs, i didnt really mind that we missed the movie.

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Hirtia va fi albastra


the paper will be blue

this was unexpectedly a good film.  the approach of a flashback of a tragic ending being the first scene was genius!  yet the end shows a whole different point of view of the same tragic ending… hirtia va fi albastra was not heard!

my favorite character was Lt. Neagu.  he is the leader of the group of militia which the story revolves around.  why?  because he is the leader yet transparently cares for his men as seen by his efforts to locate costi one of his subordinates who, fired with patriotic fervor, ran off to fight for freedom (although the Lt. openly revealed that he would be “retired early” if he lost costi so his efforts to regain his man may have had personal reasons aside from “care”).  i guess i could say im able to emphatize with his character……  *is that bitterness i hear?!*

confession:  as in other government films i was a bit confused.  ok, ok, i was a lot confused most of the time.  the reason was, i had no background of romania’s history.  fortunately, after the film, someone from the romanian embassy gave us my much needed background.  how cool could that be?!

i always love discussions after a movie, especially a controversial one.  this passion is not shared by my hubby and i miss my sister for the chit chat after a film.  the open forum after hirtia va fi albastra was my salvation!  i left the theater with open eyes.

speaking of open eyes, we had a quick dinner at green tomato before watching and i pre-ordered while hubby was parking.  as usual i got their yummy thin crust pizza.  i had decided on peperoni, a safe choice because i knew hubby would want pizza also. lo and behold, he does not like peperoni! whhhaaaat!  after 14 years of being together i find out he does not like peperoni! they were not kidding when they said you learn something new everyday…..

i cannot wait for more cine europa!

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Les Chansons d’Amour

this movie had a good plot, it kept you guessing from one scene to the other.  i almost loved it except for the ending.  i am still a true romantic, a conservative at that, and so i would have wished ismael and alice had ended up together.

but being a manang aside, the “fusion of sexual comedy, intellectual seriousness and music” (according to the new york times) was pretty good.  i especially liked the mix of contemporary scenes with a classical presentation (the movie is divided into 3 acts -as in a play).

cool, very cool but not for the faint of heart……

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