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Eraserheads reunion concert



like the majority of pinoys in my generation, the Eheads had been a part of my culture as i was growing up.

i remember i first saw them play in a variety show in high school when they were just starting out.  the first thing i thought was “oh my gosh they are in tshirts, jeans and rubber shoes!”.  i was so used to watching side A concerts with members in more “concervative outfits”.  little did i know that this band would take the country by storm in a few month’s time.

just to show how ingrained their music is with my life, when their first album was getting good airtime over most radio stations, hubby and i met (how musshhhyyy! yeck! hehehe!).  and at the time their 2nd album was launched i was entering college in good old UPM.  a sense of freedom contrasting my catholic HS environment came the new fancy for a little “rebelious” music.  i heard about their 3rd album from a friend in college describing the story line of ang huling el bimbo… “sa panaginip na lang pala kita maisasayaw…”.  i could still remember that space in time as we hung out at the entrance of the building discussing such matters.  it seems so long ago….and when their tribute album came out i was in my first year of residency and i was lucky enough to get a copy of a CD as a xmas gift.

so when we found out last month that they were really having a reunion concert, hubby and i were excited!  it was a free concert until a few days before the event when it was announced that tickets would be sold.  there were only 2 prices, the general admission and the patron.  we of course got the better of the two.

we arrived at the concert venue 4 hours before the show started.  surprisingly there were so many fans!  the open field in the fort was filled!  after standing for 3 hours near the barricade dividing us paying fans from the sponsored fans (it was so hot, with just a few inches of elbow room), the big screen showed a count down of 10 minutes till the start of the concert and boy did the crowd get hyped!  we counted out loud 5..4..3..2..1.. then pictures of the band lit up on the big screens and then the eheads were finally on stage!  there were no front act, no introduction.


unfortunately we were not able to bring in a camera so thank you to the fellow fans (like azrael -click, click) who took great pictures of the eheads (click to see other pics)

the group started with Alapaap which finished with fireworks! it was soo cool!  they went on to sing Ligaya, Sembreak, Hey Jay, Harana, Fruitcake, Toyang, Kailan, Shake Your Head, Torpedo, With A Smile, Huwag Mo Nang Itanong, the production was great!  the crowd was enjoying themselves singing along to the songs despite the heat and crampy space.


suddenly, the count down clock reappeared on the big screen signifying the end of the first set.  it showed 20 minutes till the second set would start and most of the fans sat on the grass (not me … i kept thinking i can do this! i stand up longer during duties so i thought this is nothing).  so we waited and then people started realizing that the 20 minutes were up.  after around 10 more minutes the stage lights came on in a “non concert” kind of way (white lights) and the band members and a few other individuals appeared on stage.  buddy said that there was something ely’s sister had to say and that the crowd should listen well.  she relayed that ely had collapsed and was now on his way to the hospital.  the crowd was quiet, i was thinking is this part of the show?  and then the producer of the concert spoke and asked for a minute of silence and then wished everyone a safe trip home.  so it was true…..

what was amazing was that there were no boos, no shouts of discontent, the crowd obediently followed the voice over and moved toward the exit in an organized manner.  wow, it was over just like that!

we headed to hubby’s office with some of his co workers to let the traffic pass.  at this time my feet were screaming justice!  after 5 hours of standing in the crowd we had to walk around 5 blocks to the office where the car was parked.  we played eheads music to get some kind of closure from the premature end of the concert and headed home exhausted.

so today we got good news that ely is beig taken cared of and i treated my soles to their much needed pampering!

after reading through reviews of the concert i learned  the concert was sold out with more than 60,000 fans in attendance!  it was a super great concert.  though a bit disappointed that it ended as it did, i think it added to the experience.  im glad we were a part of it!


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