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discoveries after the wedding bells

effectively drowning my sorrow

its my first day out after my basil’s passing and after we got home i can truly say i feel better

im not sure if its the numerous new experiences or the cup of figaro coffee i had, but i feel my giddy self coming back

we started our day by going to the 2nd international motor show. i remember we attended the first one last year when they introduced the evo 10. this year i had a little more fun because the booths were giving out……taaadaah…..eco bags! so i have new members of my collection!!!

here are some great shots hubby got

after hubby satisfied his lenses, we went out to seek the perfect away-from-home-sisig restaurant and we fortunately found it in mall of asia!

i first saw KKK in QC but because i no longer live there when they opened, we have never gotten the chance to try their dishes.

we ordered our sisig, the house special garlic squid with 2 cups of garlic rice and a good shell of coconut. two thumbs up for the food and service!

and because we do not frequent mall of asia, i did not pass up the chance to try the new white hat frozen yogurt…..yuuuummmmy! i just love the cold sour taste of yogurt and blue berry! hubby even tried it despite his “disdain” for yogurt and didnt gag! so that goes to show to yogurt lovers out there that it IS good!

after half a day of being mall rats we headed to rockwell to hear mass and after a good service, we resumed our mall rounds.

because i was getting sleepy after lunch, i decided on a cup of coffee at figaro. this also allowed me to go leave hubby preoccupied with caffeine and a photography magazine i bought him, as i went around looking at items to my pleasure, at my own pace.

i first bought my replacement facial wash (the cheaper kind….hehehe! cheapie!) and then i went to buy toters and mommy’s xmas gifts! yep you heard that right, i started my xmas shopping early! of course that is because of two reasons, one is i might spend all my money in singapore and not have anymore to spend when we get back next month (bwahahaha!) and second, because hubby is going to the states in october so he could ship the gifts from one state to another (instead of one country to another).

the clue is, it is philippine made and it is good for planet earth!

look at the beautiful paper bags!

im soooo excited for them to open it!

next we went to buy mac’s gift….i do hope he’ll like it. his clue is, it is good for planet earth! hehehe! like i said, ive become very green minded!

we then proceeded to my new hero store M&S. i bought some personal stuff and then it hit me. the sale is suuuupppper! so i forced hubby to take a closer look and surprisingly he found several, lets repeat that for accuracy’s sake, SEVERAL shirts which he bought! yehey! my shopping fever is finally effectively contagious. these were like P3k shirts now selling for less than P1k! imagine that! hehehe! happy happy happy! and in hubby’s happiness he could not help but buy me great looking pants! ok, im exaggerating about how that happened, but he did really take the tab for my 70% off pants! i just love good buys!

and because i was crazily shopping and nearly overloading my arms with bags, we went down to the car to deposit our shopping bags to do what you ask?

hehehe, shop some more, grocery shopping this time. 3 things that gave my grocery shopping a happy ending, (1) half baguette costing a measly P35, (2) gouda, and (3) a rustans eco bag! yehey!

as we headed home towards the parking lot, i saw a new pastry store! but hubby finally woke up and became his normal self “that’s enough shopping for the day!”. and i couldnt complain! hehehe!

what a great day!


August 24, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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