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last saturday, we went to watch wall-e

wall-e-lunch.jpg a story of a waste allocation load lifter- earth class (WALL.e) with emotions.previews warned that there will not be any conversation in the first 30 minutes of the film so i sat munching on my kettle corn, with the warning in mind.

despite the non-human sounds, wall-e’s expressions were quite clear.  he’s like the micro chip counter part of me!  he’s sentimental, loves classic movies with singing and dancing and a collection junkie!  he is quite a character!

i love the movie!

dont you think “waaaahhhhhlll eeeee” & “eeeeehvaaaahhh” are so adorable?!

Flixster – Share Movies

i think this is a sign for me to really get serious about my eco friendly goals!

more recyclable bags! whooohooo! hehehe!

im not sure if it had anything to do with the movie, but today, ive suddenly become more conscious when i used plastic cups and vowed to use SIGG more often, not just as a fashion statement mind you. then i thought i could get more use out of my starbucks collection tumblers when i buy my coffee. and when i buy things i have started to refuse wrapping them in plastic bags.  but this is so hard because it has become second nature to just buy things and go and at times i just remember when im walking away with my purchase that i forgot to tell them not to place it in a platic bag!  *more practice!*  i should start carrying around my recyclable purple cheap bag for items that might soil my “nicer” recyclable bags.

after all, being eco friendly doesnt mean having to sacrifice vanity, right?! mwaahahaha!

i was looking at the site of marks & spencer and i chanced upon their advocacy which the bag i bought was a part of.   its a real admirable project called plan A, (plan A because there is no plan B)…meaning being eco friendly even in the business world is the only way to go. COOOOL!

what have you done today to decrease your carbon footprint?


August 18, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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