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discoveries after the wedding bells

qc field trip

we had to do some errands in qc today and thought it would be our chance to see trinoma. so we searched for a restaurant there uniquely qc and chanced upon the madison grill

ambiance is good

as we waited for our scrumptious dinner, we watched the pizza guy make fresh pizza cooked in the old fashion oven. this is just a preview of their seemingly good pizza as we did not order any! hehehe! ….next time

it didnt take long before our french onion soup came.
it was good but not exceptional. hubby said that TGIF was better with thicker mozzarella

my oysters came next
hmmmm….it was good but spiral oysters still rule! hehehe!

then came the house special hickory ribs……
now this dish certainly placed madison grill in my book of favorites!

the meat literally fell off the bones as you transferred it from the serving plate to ours!

this rack was served with delicious mashed potatoes topped with parmesan cheese good enough to eat without gravy
this dish made up for all the mediocrities of the preceding dishes. it was soooo gooood!


i think this next picture just says it all! hehehe!


but of course we could not leave without tasting their dessert. this is after all my favorite part of any meal.
we concluded our dinner with the house specialty

cherry caramel cheesecake with illy brewed coffee


another gooood dinner for the books!

how did you spend your sunday?


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