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breathtaking beijing olympics opening ceremony

i dont think i have ever watched a more astonishing olympics opening ceremony than the 2008 beijing presentation! it was so beautiful that i was willing to watch the replay even before 12 hours had elapsed!

it started with a big scroll (hubby said it was lcd) that unrolled on the stadium floor and then a big chinese paper was set in the middle where a dancer came and started dancing and as he danced painted on the big parchement with his dance moves! beautiful!


and then the floor opened to reveal boxes that go up and down to reveal chinese characters


hubby and i were astounded and wondered how the choreography was pulled off. surprisingly it was not computerized but human powered!


it was mindblowing!

the rest of the performance was just as beautiful and artistic and it could not have ended beautifully with the torch being passed from one athlete to another until Li Ning (a chinese olympic gymnast who won 3 gold medals in 1984 olympics) received the light and suddenly lifted up into the air and made the final run around the stadium! magnificent!


and so he’s being taken around the stadium moving like he’s running on air and finally, the olympic cauldron is revealed. as the fire lights the cauldron shaped like the beijing olympic torch, fireworks light up atop the birds nest in synchrony! beautiful!!!




Kudos beijing china! it was definitely an astonishing coming out party!

and of course GO TEAM PHILIPPINES! since we have joined the olympics in 1924, our athletes have brought home 9 medals (silver & bronze) with boxing garnering 2 silver and 3 bronze medals! its about time to bring home the gold!


click here for a list of athletes who have attended the olympics since 1924.

what did you like best about the beijing olympics opening ceremony?

August 9, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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