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olympics 2008

in our world, competition is the trend. lets take for example the olympics…..


i have always had the fascination with the olympics. as a child i wanted to be an olympic gymnast just like my hero mary lou retton

mary-lou-retton.jpgreagan_mary_lou_retton_1984_us_olympic_team.jpg mary-lou-2.jpg






so i took up gymnastics until i was in high school but it really never got me anywhere! hahaha!






i just love watching gymnastics floor exercises and parallel bars routines. and of course how can i not mention the trampoline!

this is my favorite game in wii olympics sports!
















and so i am very excited as 08.08.08 approaches and the olympic games start.

speaking of the china olympics…….. we are currently watching anthony bourdain in china and im so craving for really fatty baby pig and cholesterol laden duck……yuuummmy!

……oh, i forgot to mention that we have turned eating into our favorite sport! hehehe!

what is your favorite olympics event?


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