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discoveries after the wedding bells

im turning japanese

today was hubby’s lucky day.

after a quick stop at the powerbooks warehouse sale
















and getting my first david sedaris best seller


im interested in his other novels naked, me talk pretty someday and holiday on ice after reading reviews.

(ill be back to get them tomorrow! woohoo!)







we went to shady makati cinema square and got hubby’s priced D300



after many minutes of inspection and haggling, he emptied his wallet and took his priced possession away in an SM plastic bag!

so we decided to celebrate the new purchase with dinner at tsukiji……

ok, i decided!




we ordered the famous wagyu beef sashimi which was yuuuuummmmyyyy!


look at the marbling on those thin melt in your mouth slices!!

look at our orders spread on our mid leg table

we just had to go authentic and take off our shoes to sit at the private “room”


along with the wagyu, we had agadesi dofu, tonkotsu ramen, onigiri with hot green tea


someone was thinking of getting an additional plate of sushi (or was he thinking of his D300?!) but we stopped ourselves from stuffing ourselves! hehehe! we just got 2 scoops of red bean home made ice cream to top off the great dinner

…… buuurp!



August 2, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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