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ranting of a dissatisfied customer

we ran into a few disappointments today. first of all, the traffic jam going to greenbelt was the worst! then the movie we watched was ho-hum and lastly, bad service from a potentially good coffee and tea place!


first of all personnel had no cheer. we waited for the longest time for the person ordering in front of us due to a credit card problem and when the cashier faced us it was like nothing happened! not even an apology! so after 5 years we finally got to pay and waited for our order to be called. when i could no longer wait, i asked for my drink and realized it was among those that were sitting around on the counter. they didnt even call it out or maybe called it but when no one acknowledged tough luck. they didnt even give tissue and when i asked the barista, he seemed annoyed as if it was not his job and the girl serving who was at that time serving another customer. i had to ask twice (i kind of felt he was ignoring me). and when i finally was able to sit down with my drink in hand, the cap of the disposable cup would not securely fit so i left it out for fear of getting drenched in hot beverage. this made my drink get cold faster. bummer! too bad because they have some good products and bad service really does serious damage!

truly dissatisfied!

July 31, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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