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beauty, upgrades & saving the world

today we went to get hubby’s hair cut and my feet pampered at sunji matsuo, a singapore based newly opened salon in manila. where we found our old hair dresser and manicurista! fate? maybe!

these were my beauty essentials for the day











































(all care of my mommy with the great fashion sense!)

we heard mass at the powerplant mall, had dinner at wild ginger, and then……i finally decided to buy something ive been eying for a long time now (it must have been something in the crispy spring rolls or the thai curry or the nasing goreng, or tapioca dessert we ate for dinner, yum!).

yup, ive been spying on this item for 6 months now!


this was not without drama because when i went to the window and said i would get it for myself, hubby thought that it was not a good buy so i had my pouty face all the way down to the parking lot, tears filling my eyes barely spilling over (hehehe! what a drama queen!), and so he gave in!

i love my hubby!

so from the parking lot, back we went to the 2nd level of the mall to get the new addition to my closet…..

are you ready?


note the nice leather handle and the wood plaque

i’m a natural shopper! (say no to plastic bags!) this came in full cream color when it fist hit the stores in december. whenever we’d pass the aranaz shop i would check if they still displayed it. then for sometime it was gone and i surrendered to the fact that they sold all their stocks. that was until this evening when i saw it again. and in a different color!!! uniquely mine!

i think this is way better than Anya Hindmarch’s im not a plastic bag because of its unique details. add the fact that each sale of this bag gives P200 to an environmental org


and the best thing is, it’s proudly filipino! what more could you ask for?!

this will be my alternative to my kate…..

























note our green bag that we’ve been neglecting to bring along (we’re such forgetful jones!), apologies to mother earth!

im so happy with my new purchase! i cant wait to use it!!! this will definitely go well with my acquired (by force, to look thinner) taste for black ensembles!! oooohhhh im so excited!
























did anyone notice the quality of my pictures above? they were taken by an iphone because we had to sell hubby’s camera to fund my shopping spree…..nah!

he just sold it and is waiting for his upgrade to a D300




hmmm….it looks like his old one! hahaha! im so naive! according to hubby it has a bigger screen, faster frames per second (what ever that means!), and live view!

ok then, since i got my bag then he gets his upgrade. after all, a good marriage is based on compromise! ;p


July 27, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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