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a productive day

today i was scheduled for my passport renewal.


thank you to congressman romulo who sponsored the mobile DFA booths with tons of chairs for people like me waiting for our turn to be called. i got there 15 min before 8am and i was surprised when i registered that i was number 252! since the process had not started, hubby and i went to a nearby jollibee to eat breakfast. it has been a long time since weve had fastfood and i was surprised to see that they served the food in plates and not in styro! hehehe! im not sure how long this has been happening but wait a go jollibee for going green!

after an hour i was back in the make shift DFA headquarters armed with my pocketbook and sigg. i found a good place under the shade and tried to mind my own business. they were calling number 38. after a number of pages, several gulps and 2 hours, number 252 was finally called and in less than 10 minutes i was finished. it was more or less organized for a makeshift passport renewal area and thank goodness the personnel were efficient. and mind you it only cost me P750 compared to the P1500 i was willing to pay with an agency or with the home delivery service, both of which still required you to get in line in DFA with the 5000 applicants that go there daily! yippee for an efficient government process!

we proceeded to mega mall when i had finished and ate at sushiya. i had mixed maki with ice cold barley tea







then we went to take a look if it was my lucky day to buy my new phone. we unfortunately found out that the samsung i900 was not yet in town. the official samsung store said it would come to manila in a few months (but i cant wait for a few months!) but a store said they will be importing by next month….wohhoooo! i will not name the store less someone beats me to the prized item! hehehe! so i had them bring out the demo of the htc diamond and played with it. yep it was a fingerprint magnet alright but as to the response of the touch flo 3d, it was pretty fast.




i was so tempted to buy it already!!! but hubby said to wait for the samsung so that i wont have regrets. the samsung i900 launched in singapore in june and was just launched in italy a few days ago. it wont be out in germany until august according to articles.




haaaaaayyyy….. ooookkk……

and since i did not satisfy the little brat in me we went to get consolation with a good treat. we went to try the ohh so famous angelati italia gelato.

angelati-big.jpgit was a bit pricey but it was definitely worth it. i had gotten the pure pistachio and hubby got the blueberry cheesecake. they were both really good. the gelato was so smooth and creamy and not too sweet. very, very good! ice cream lovers this is a must try!




we then went on our grocery errands and went home with dinner in a plastic bag (yes we again forgot our green bag!!! boohoohoo!). anyway, i found some pinakbet left over from lunch and found that more interesting than the turboed chicken we brought home. vegiiieeesss! hehehe!


hubby said that this was the yuckiest ulam (he does not eat veggies) because it comprises all the yucky stuff in one viand! hehehe! thank goodness his dad eats this and i get to taste it once in a while. i suddenly miss my mom’s pinakbet with the woody veggie with seeds in it. hhmmmm, im not sure what thats called.



our yummy dinner was ended with ube cake and really good chinese tea.


this tea is really cool. the leaves are hand rolled and comes in a transparent cloth like tea bag. such smooth flavor. unfortunately hubby does not enjoy tea either! this is when i miss my brother and sister who are food enthusiasts like moi (not necessarily tea) who are willing to try new cuisines.






despite the food filled day, we still have our little loot for tonights movie (made of honor). my favorite heart stopping RLapids specialty



it looks like my diet is on a short vacation. gosh, i just remembered 2 weeks ago mango had a sale (the clothes store….not the fruit! hehehe!) and jeans were so cheap but unfortunately i fitted a much larger size and i refused to buy jeans in that size! mwhahahaha! but thats another blog altogether!

i hope everyone else is having a great weekend!



July 26, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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