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today was a really grueling day at work.


i can honestly say that im a very patient person but there are times when issues pile up that can really get on my nerves! the only thing i appreciated from the outcome of my outburst was that the people involved seemed really sincere in their apologies (remember i am a pig from my previous entry). they were probably surprised i had it in me to get mad. but it still left me exhausted and regretful it had to get that way.

i read this article about anger management which hit home.



Anger Management for busy people


Anger management to deal with your stress and anger

Why do I get angry ?

Anger is often the result of unfulfilled desires and expectations. If we have an unfulfilled expectation of a person we become angry and upset. The mind creates the expectation and imagines the fulfillment of the expectation. However, when the person or event does not match the expectation a pressure develops within and the mind becomes angry.

It can also be that a person creates too many rules by which another person should live by *this is so me*. This leads to conflicts when the other person does not act in accordance with the predefined rules. Therefore this strict rule making leads to anger and can be the foundation to destroying a relationship.

How do I stop getting angry?

We need to realize that it’s our unfulfilled expectation that makes us angry rather than the other person or event. If we can understand that its not the other person making us angry, but our own way of thinking, then we can change and reduce the adverse effects of anger. A motto to use is, ‘No one annoys or upsets me but it’s my inability to tolerate or think positive that makes me angry‘. So if we have an inability to tolerate it can be due to the unrealistic expectation that we are holding onto.

When we realize that anger is a by-product of our own way of thinking then we gain the ability to change the way we think. By taking control of our mind we can also then take control of our life. We can take control of our mind by ordering it to have positive thoughts and to have a determined thoughts not to get angry. When you feel some negative thoughts building in our mind use a positive affirmation such as I am a strong and positive person there is no benift in allowoing my mind to get angry.


i hate getting angry! (so much for keeping the wrinkles away!! -thank goodness for my ever reliable eye cream) anyway, to end in a happy note, i had a meeting at cafe provencal with a happy group of consultants who instantly picked up my spirits. theres nothing like good company to set things straight!



July 10, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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