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long awaited vacation -prelude to PART 2

as we checked into the bohol divers resort i didnt think much of the amenities. after all, we were there for the beach.



anyway, i was happy because we found a driver who would take us to hear mass as i could not fathom the idea of celebrating our first year wedding anniversary, surviving an airplane ride through the storm and not thanking the heavens for such blessings.

so happily we heard mass at the panglao church. happier still to find the church so grandeur. i thought we were just going to a community chapel or something and i would have been happy.














so we sat down and as we mesmerized, looking at the murals on the ceiling, i realized that they signified the sacraments! can you guess which sacrament we were sitting under?


haaaayyy……im such a hopeless romantic……

we were surprised that the priest spoke such good english (visaya-lish if there was a term) and we followed what he said most of the time.

so we were driven back to bohol divers resort where we encountered a few problems……

to make the long story short and the sad scene happier, i asked, no, i demanded that we be transfered to another resort that very minute. thank goodness for our efficient travel agency, we were transfered to our resort, the lost horizon….















can you imagine we were going to put up with such a shabby room in divers resort and not know that we could have such a room in lost horizon?! we were truly blessed! now i have read a few bad comments on this resort but we did not encounter any problems (except the AC needed a little boost). we had a good view of the pool and the beach. with a decent bathroom equip with shower curtains, thick towels and strong running water, with a room wifi access, a flat screen tv and most importantly attentive staff! haaay…..God is good! (please note that every single thing i praised lost horizon on was lacking in bohol divers resort. if you dont want to ruin your vacation i advise you NOT to go to bohol divers resort)


thank you LOST HORIZON for saving us!


June 27, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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