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long awaited vacation PART 2

our second day in bohol was a free day which we spent lounging around. we walked the length of alona beach and found several other good looking resorts.













photo by rastarigo

we chanced upon some good seats in front of panglao tropical which became my favorite spot on the beach





















we ended up eating dinner at the restaurant behind it which served ho-hum food. i had yet to taste some good food at the beach.

the next day we got up early to meet mang george for our island tour. we boarded the “glen joseph” first to go dolphin watching on our way to balicasag























the seas between panglao and balicasag were far from calm that morning and i almost had splinters embedded in my arms from holding on to the boat as tightly as i could. we rode the waves as if it was a roller coaster ride and i kept telling myself that those dolphins better be worth the ride! hehehe! after what seemed like forever in the open seas, our boats men spotted the dolphin. pointing here and there but i could not see them. i was starting to become suspicious of our 2 boats men that they were just leading us on. but then my husband starting saying there and pointing to what i saw as waves…..and then i saw them.


photo by cheche

doing their butterfly strokes in pairs, their sleek black skin shimmering in the sun. it was a beautiful sight!

i expected them first of all to be silvery gray like those i see in theme parks and bigger, but these looked like black baby dolphins. but i was far from being disappointed. they frolicked in the seas as if children in the playground. very illusive, appearing in front of the boat and disappearing in a blink of an eye. i had hoped to see some acrobatics but i guess that those clips on tv were a product of hours and hours of waiting for these beautiful creatures to show off their skills in the wild. it was a good experience.

we then headed to the island of balicasag to snorkel in the fish sanctuary. now of all the features of bohol, this was what i had researched on before we actually flew for our vacation. it was another 30-45 minutes (maybe less but i thought it took forever to reach land! i kept assessing if i could swim to shore if the waves turned us over and it took a long time before i actually thought i could…..haaay….with age comes fear) before we hit the pristine white sands of the balicasag.


photo by belle


photo by tommyschultz

it was all that i saw on the net. white sand wilderness (actually not really since there was a resort there) with waters so clear you could see the bottom.

as we anchored our boat on the shore towns people came to ask if we wanted guides during our snorkeling tour. as we had a bad experience with snorkeling in mindoro, i did not want to go out there without a guide. we hired this burly man who helped us onto a canoe so slim my tush would probably not have fitted in it (we sat on boards and rested our feet in the canoe). he paddled and looked for a good place for us to get off. there were small fishes and not as many as i had expected. but that was because we werent in the sanctuary yet. when we got there, oh boy, i felt like ariel swimming with schools of fishes. i wanted to bonk my head for not buying the under water camera!













photo by romy h

the corals ended in this big drop into the deep blue and as i looked at a school of talakitok circling down the “cliff” the suns rays shown down until you could not see it anymore.  the picture below depicts what i saw.













photo by cedvivien

i got an eerie feeling and felt content with the shallow (10-15 feet deep) corals. mr guide (sorry manong we got so carried away we forgot to ask your name) got us small pieces of bread and had hubby feed the fishes. boy did they come.













photo by cedvivien

as i was holding on to the beams of the boat, fascinated how these fished gobbled up the bread in my hubby’s hand, one accidentally bit me (hey, do i look like a cookie to you?!) so when it was my turn to feed them i was too scared to do so. hay naku, such a sisi!

we got out of the waters for lunch cooked near shore. they showed us 3 fishes that have been caught that morning and we picked a parrot looking one for them to cook the lower part as kinilaw and the head part as sinigang. oh my gosh i had found the best restaurant in town! the kinilaw was so succulent and fresh and sinigang was gingery, just how i liked it. and i got my wish, a fresh buko right out of the tree which i sipped and sipped until i thought i was going to vomit and there was still juice inside! haaayyy….that was sooo good!

with our cash wiped out from hiring our guide and letting gluttony get the better of us (hehehe!) we boarded our boat to go island hopping. the seas were now calm and the ride was more enjoyable. we approached an island which seemed deserted.


photo by benedict

the locals call this virgin island. located south south east of panglao island. this is just a short 10 minute boat ride from balicasag island. you can walk around the whole island in 10 minutes. this picture was taken on the sand wall that leads away from the island with seas on both sides. when we went there, this sand wall was submerged in water leg deep. i said that we could probably walk all the way to the center of the sea on this strip of land but before we even got to the middle of the strip, length of which was gauged by as far as our human eyes could see, we were too tired and fearful we might not have enough strength to walk back to the island if we pursued our walk, we decided to head back. we lay on the shallow super clear water not hearing anything except the distant roar of motor boats. maybe this was how peaceful heaven is.

we climbed our boat content to end our island tour and headed back to lost horizon



























we decided to eat their house special halo halo which we found out was a big heaping bowl of tropical fruits topped with ice cream (sorry no photo! someone got too excited and gobbled it up before we even thought of taking a picture). we then lounged in the pool area on cushiony lounge chairs where my hubby got his power nap and i started my book




















and when the heat was just enough and the pool excellently shaded we dove in….ahhhh! life is good!

and so decided that we couldnt conclude such a perfect day on the beach with noodle soup and agreed to try lost horizons best baby back ribs in town.


oohhh it was good!

and so, the satisfied vacationers hung out a little more watching the seas from the shores in their pleasant resort.


the next day we packed our luggage, a bit of nostalgic with the thought of leaving the island.

mang jr was right on time to pick us up. he asked us if we enjoyed our vacation which we happily answered in the positive despite our little mishap with our first accommodation.


bohol provided a great back drop for us to celebrate our 1st year of married life.














we left as a very happy couple.

thank you pangs for such a wonderful vacation!

thank you to other bloggers for their photos of bohol. we were not able to take photos during the island tour because the owner of the SLR refused to endanger his gadget! hehehe!


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