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for a day that started out without any definite plans, we turned out to be busy bees today.

this morning i was greeted with a surprise PAL envelope which said departure from manila to tagbilaran on june 22. oooohhhh an early anniversary gift…….wait, where is tagbilaran?








coming soon…….

anyhow, we decided to treat our dad to a good lunch today. my “financial conscience” disagreed with my first 2 restaurant choices so we decided on contis. but when we got there, we were number 10 on the waiting list, at 15 min before 12noon! so we went across to my second choice where we got the last table! yahoo! it was destiny, or at least i would like to think it was! and we werent disappointed! i now have a second fave thin crust pizza…..in fact, i think this has replaced green tomatoes’ thin crust yum-yum pizza. the thin slices of meat with tomato pieces and great cheese (not mozzarella) it was sooooo good! so good we werent able to take a picture! hehehe! our main dishes were equally yummy.
slowly braised lamb shank



norwegian salmon


we all left with satisfied taste buds and filled to brim tummies (with just enough room for a scoop of ice cream!)we then went to the mall and did our errands. we were talking about how the gas prices had gone sky high and how we made a mistake on not investing in a diesel powered vehicle.but i guess thats how life is, you learn and do better the next time around.now home poofed, im starting to think we are getting old…..or maybe it was the heat that wore us out *denial* hehehe! aged is good, it brings wisdom and ….well, other pleasant things.

im just thankful that life has generally been good to us. with mullah to spend on needs (no matter how their prices soar) and on wants (even if its just once in a while) and on people dear to us… life is satisfactory!

whenever i start to complain about something, i always realize that im better off now than i was yesterday, the other week, the other month, the other year … and that makes me feel better. at times we complain endlessly, like how hot the airconditioning is when others out there dont even have a roof to protect them from the sun, or we get depressed by not having new clothes when others dont even have old clothes on their backs, or we roll our eyes at our boring or too difficult jobs when there are people who would walk on their knees to get any job at all……ive come to a conclusion that no matter how grim life may seem, there is always a worse scenario. and to be thankful for where you are now is only the start of realizing how good life really is.

we are all blessed in different ways. equity (and not equality) is the name of the game. and when you comprehend that, then happiness follows.

life is good!


June 15, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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