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what a lovely weekend

i have always loved early mornings. the peace and quiet gives you a sense that the day will turn out well.

we got out of bed to prepare a breakfast of salami, brie cheese with tomato and onion omelette. yuuum!! i of course was assigned to the easy work of cutting the cheese, and placing the salami and bread on the table, while my better half gets the more complicated job of cooking the omelette (one of his specialties). i dont think i will ever enjoy cooking unless in a cool environment. i just cant stand the heat (excuses, excuses! hehehe!). i like the planning part but not the execution. so my 4 recipe book has remained on our shelves gathering dust. so much for my once a month toil in the kitchen. it happened twice and was left to that.

last night we had a good dinner of home cooked ribs which looked great and tasted even better!


(the closest picture i could find that looks like our scrumptious dinner, sorry we didnt have time to take pictures as it was gobbled up in no time!)

this was of course prepared by none other than the chef of the house, marinade and all. while i wrapped onions and tomatoes in foil to grill. we make a good team dont you think?! hehehe!

i have the day at my disposal and tonight we will be watching kungfupanda.jpg



(hmmmm…..doesnt the panda look like our in house chef?! hehehe!)



i wonder where we’ll have dinner tonight……..

these are the days you just cant help but say life really is lovely.


June 8, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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