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discoveries after the wedding bells

lovely indeed

i remember last year just before our wedding, our santol tree at the back started to bear fruit. but we didnt have time to enjoy it at that time because we were so busy taking care of details. so when the tree started to bear fruit again, i knew it was near our special day. what a great way to be reminded of your anniversary…….(im officially dubbing it as a swerte sign! mwahaha!)














of course its swerte, didnt we have a great day?!

first of all my mom called to say hi and we had a great chat. its always nice to catch up!

and then we were able to get great seats in mass and after that, had a good dinner at Cafe Mediterranean. i had the kofta burger (i swear i was only supposed to eat half but someone pushed me to eat the whole thing!!!) with tsatsiki and pita. at least i didnt have the red pesto spaghetti AND beef gyro with coke to wash it down (coke zero….riiiight)!

we were early for the movie so we roamed and as we did, we saw several things i liked……oooohh i cant take it anymore, fine im spilling the beans……

i finally got my flask!! i had wanted a wild and wolf but mr panda here (ill tell you all about why i had christened him panda later on) did not approve, he said it was made in china OF COURSE NOT! (well, i actually dont know….hehehe!) so when i saw a SIGG water bottle i knew it was for me. its my contribution to saving the environment.

























– Stylish SIGG Sakura Scents Reusable Water Bottle is Swiss-engineered and made from a single piece of impact extruded aluminum with no seams, ensuring a durable and leakproof quality bottle. The limited edition SIGG Sakura Scents Bottle holds .6 Liters (20 ounces) and is lightweight and virtually unbreakable. The inside of the bottle has a proprietary coating which makes it taste and scent resistant, meaning no matter what liquid you put into it, there will be no lasting smell or taste after use. The SIGG Sakura Scents Bottle features a beautiful neutral color with whimsical flower bud design and a durable and strong sport style top which allows for ease of use on the go. Never compromise on the quality of your reusable water bottle – only SIGG offers the finest engineering and manufacturing of eco-friendly reusable bottles, with over 100 years experience in the industry! Stop throwing away disposable water bottles that fill up our landfills, and make an investment in a stylish bottle you will keep and use for years to come.

great huh?! but do you see what i see behind my SIGG?!!!! looook cloooser……

ok, hold your horses…..so we were looking around for a replacement for my one year old staple black bag. i was getting a little disappointed because fino did not have the style i wanted in black (budget doesnt allow monthly splurges so i need one that goes well with my closet’s content in general). so i resolved to be happy with my SIGG water bottle and then i saw this, and time literally stopped (my automatic watch for some weird reason stopped & im guessing at that very moment because when we went to line up at my favorite coffee place after exiting the store, i looked and it was around 15 minutes late, the exact time i had seen the bag!). but of course the a-lot-wiser-shopper in me said to leave it and if you keep thinking about it then just go back and buy it. so, although fretful that someone would beat me to the loot, we went to watch the all entertaining Kung Fu Panda. gosh this is a must watch movie! i mean it. we were laughing our heads off! hehehe! could it be that the all adorable po so resembles he who loves me?! hehehe!














ok, ok, so back to the bag replacement story! after the movie, it was a few minutes before 9pm i was itching to go and see if the store was still open. the alot-wiser-you-know-who in me said that if it was indeed still open, then its for moi……. and to my delight my bag’s store was still open!!!! yup, a kate spade has replaced my staple black bag!
























a twin island luca tote! oooohhhh im so delighted!


June 8, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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