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precious time

it has almost been a month and contrary to the not so new news as my last entry, so many things have happened in april. the department went on a little vacation, one during the week of the convention and next during the annual summer outing. but that only meant a busier me while the majority waited for their treat. gosh i felt like i was the mother of 26 children (juniors!) making sure they had a great time, that the treats were equally distributed, etc. divine mercy guided us to the right path and things went well on two occasions. im glad that was over!

let us not forget the highlight of the month

when i got the great surprise when we went to watch my all time favorite band which was truly enjoyable!

the month did however bring in some disappointments as i thought we were well on our way to becoming parents (complete with the craving and all, only to find out it was just a figment of my imagination! hahaha!).

the month also had its share of sad moments when my grandmother’s sister died. let me tell you about this lady. she is what you would call and old maid, never been married nor had children. she did however take care of her siblings children who are all most grateful to her. so when she passed away, as most of her “children” were out of town, i was tasked to take care of her last moments in this life. it was not an easy task as there were times i broke down into tears just at the thought of the finality of it all, but the ceremonies went smoothly and satisfactory for a woman who had lived a full life of 93 years. it seemed so dramatic as we heard the mass right before she was buried, the heavens opened up and poured large drops of rain just long enough for us to reach our destination. it seemed like the angels were preparing to welcome her. and as we were driving away from her final resting place, under a subdued sky illuminated by the sun behind the clouds, as we were passing by the old part of town which seemed to have been left behind by the changing time, a place where i had spent a good 5 years of my life training to be what i am now, i told my hubby that the perfect word for that very moment was melancholy, a gently and thoughtful sadness……

and so we drove trying to think of a place to lighten our mood and we chanced upon this little quiet restaurant hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city which served decently good chinese food. we were seated beside the window and we ate in silence looking at the passing cars and for a while. our time seemed suspended even for just a few moments. it was the best ending to a very meaningful day.

now back to reality, as we go on doing our daily routine, sometimes to the point of being mundane, im surprised a week has passed so quickly. it is when you stop to enjoy the day that you realize that time can slip by unnoticed. as my better half and i were having a good lunch under a sunny sky today, i thought this is how life should be enjoyed. i vow to repeat such a serene and enjoyable sunday more often. no better way to spend your precious time than over a good steaming cheesy sitti and an iced cold grape shake with the person you love.


May 4, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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