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opposites attract

3 and half days of R & R……i woke up early this morning with high spirits of the endless possibilities of the holy week and the lazy bones beside me wondered if i had already had my coffee as he was puzzling over why i was so hyper at 7am! what can i say, i am and have always been a morning person.

the sun is out and it is turning out to be such a beautiful day but lazy bones is napping……i hate afternoon naps! i feel it is such a waste of time (hehehe!) i prefer waking hours exchanging ideas…….im sooooo booooorrrreeeeed………im looking forward to the end of the “30min power nap” so that we can explore and see what is open outside.

lazy bones and busy body…….opposites attract!  it’s so odd that we get along but have numerous things we disagree about.  say staying at the dining table after a meal for chit chat, i am so for it and have been brought up in such an environment, while my new family simply eats and goes.  what about watching shows, i like to toss comments back and forth after or even during the program,  while my better half absorbs shows like a sponge (without a word)!  while i like news and updating myself with worldly events, he likes documentaries better.  while i like cultural events, he likes technical shows.

we’re so unlike each other in so many different ways but i guess that’s what they mean when they say complementing each other is the best approach to a relationship!


March 20, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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