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simple pleasures

it must have been that strong coffee Dr. A’s secretary served me this morning, i have been finding happiness in the littlest things.

i attended a conference in crowne today and i was intently listening to the speakers (how much more appreciative one is when sponsorship equals hard work) when i decided to get myself some tea (the coffee i had was it for the day). i took a sip at my english earl grey tea concoction and i concluded that i love earl grey!

after the last speaker, the mall called me and as i went down the escalator of Galleria, my eyes locked into a shoe store where i found a beautiful pair leather heels! ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the new member of the the beloved shoe collection…….taaaadaaaah!!!!!

i simply love it! i have often heard people praise their bags or dress but for me this is definitely it. even when it was inside the box i could imagine the design and my heart would seem to beat a little faster. as i held my priced purchase i thought, i am now satisfied (and this time i think i really meant it!).

with high spirits i headed to my sanctuary, the edsa shrine chapel, and heard mass. i just love the homily in this chapel because it always seems like it was well thought of, appropriate and concise. and as if on queue, my hubby rang to tell me he is near our pick up place just as the Our Father was being sung.

i love predictability!

we get home to a dinner of korean beef, a favorite (flavoring could have been a little better though), and beautiful yellow bananas and good mangoes.

now as i wait for my better half to finish tinkering with the car, i cant help but think how good life is!



March 3, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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