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discoveries after the wedding bells


january 31st did not only serve to end january but our residency training as clinicians as well.
have always fancied listening to graduation speakers. common knowledge that they are of course wise (the reason they were chosen to speak), and my magical thinking that they are sent to impart ideas that will somehow help me in my journey into “the real world”, i listened intently. at first i could not understand Dr. Racelis’ speech as it seemed as eccentric as his personality which i gathered from his introduction. but like all geniuses who always prove themselves brilliant in the end, i was given something i had always known but was presented in a way that made me look in a different light. Dr. Racelis talked about balance in life. balance between career, family, friends and religion. how our careers could, and in a majority of us, has blown our other pillars in life out of proportion. and how this, like anything in excess, could cause us to fall to our doom. he talked of the importance of equanimitas.
dsc_4061.jpg because in the end, when the dark night come, you will always go back to the ones you love


February 3, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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