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my weekends will never be the same

i finally feel like a normal person.
it has been 3 years since i’ve enjoyed my weekend with the satisfaction that i would feel the same way the next weekend. why is that?! it is because i have graduated from being “slave of the H”
and what do normal people do during their weekends? enjoy themselves of course!
today i started the day getting up on my own, saying a little prayer and delighting in the fact that breakfast was waiting for us. so we had the leisure of having danggit and champorado while i read time magazine featuring vladimir putin as POY, watched “my girl”, prepared lunch (heated up left overs i mean), watched some more, then went to get our haircuts -thank you rose!!!!-. pangs looks really good and me…..i love my new cut. after much thought we realized i looked familiar…….peko is that you?! hahaha!

then went to the last day sale of rockwell. home with my loot, i felt oh so lucky to be where i am now. the day could not have ended any better. as i took home my loot i could not help but think how good life is!
and so, my weekends will never be the same because i finally have them to spend with my husband!


January 6, 2008 - Posted by | Meandering

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