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the most patient wife ever

yesterday our day started with me ranting about bad service in a restaurant.  here is my letter of complaint

-hi, i would just like to make a comment.  my husband and i went to ur store yesterday eager for our breakfast.  we were the 3rd in line and we were patiently waiting until i noticed that the two people in front of me took more than 5 minutes each at the counter.  and the reason was they were picking out toys from your meal package i think.  so after 10 minutes and we still havent reached your counter as the mom in front of us had to call her husband if she would get H or J, we just decided to leave and eat some place else.  people who go to your store obviously do so first and foremost because they want something to eat and i think it will be a good idea to separate your lines for food and for freebies especially if it will entail choosing items so that people who line up solely for food will not have to wait more than they have to to be fed.-

grrrrr! i mean, im sure they have been doing this before and time motion studies are not exactly alien! oh well…..

so after our breakfast we went to the microwarehouse year end sale.  we waited in line for 5 hours! gosh! i kept pointing out how they could have made the wait more efficient as my better half listened on, seemingly amused with my comments (imaginge, while we were in line we actually got the chance to go out and test drive the diesel carens of kia).  it would only be sulit if you intended to buy a mac or a pricey-er item that could actually get you a discount of more than P1000.  oh well……

so as my price for being such a patient wife, my husband treated me to a nice dinner at jatujak.  this restaurant was one of our good finds in mall of asia.  we loved their naseng goreng and pad thai.  and we still do! the megamall branch had such good service, that all the inadequacies of the other establishments the whole day seemed a-ok. 

wait-a-go for great service!


December 17, 2007 - Posted by | Meandering

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