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*setting our priorities straight *

wednesday was my xmas shopping day.  i had a whole day by myself at the shopping center and boy, did i do my xmas shopping!  unfortunately i never bought anything for anyone else but moi!talk about priorities! hahaha!  as i waited for my 730pm dinner with friends i bought a magazine and enjoyed my fave local brew at figaro. 

the magazine i bought was a toss up between my regular favorite and a fairly new line.  i chose the latter partly due to pride (it was the last copy on the stand), and partly because it featured lucy torres-gomez.  i am such a fan!   i just love her articles in the sunday paper.  i guess i can relate when it comes to being happily in a relationships and content with life.  she is my local version of oprah (hehehe!).  the day ended with a dinner date with my high school friends.  we were reminiscing how things used to be so simple back in HS, how our concerns were on what to wear, who the latest crush of the town was, sending snail mail, when the next fair was…..
……and now, JTD couldnt make it coz she had to tutor her son in prep for their exams (so much pressure for a kid in prep -school curiculum seem more complicated now a days), and MC as well as VMT had too much work on their hands (a problem i would have had if i were not on my leave).  the grown ups that we are with families of our own, there is no other way but to set our priorities…..

*what is the current theme song in your life*

the next day i went with my hubby as he drove to work.  i let myself off a few blocks from his office where i had planned to spend my day.  thursday was dubbed as my “day out”. 

 i had breakfast with my new found book at hand.  at around 1030am (2hours into my breakfast schedule) i got out walking and was surprised to see all the shops were still closed.  gosh am i the only one who likes to start the day early?!  ok fine, its a weekday and normal people would normally be at work.  seeing that my fave shops woulnt open until 12noon, i decided to find a cozy place to read and have lunch…..and did i find a perfect place, almost. i went to mary grace with its country interior setting and friendly waiters.  i ordered their yummy cesars salad and wild rasberry iced tea.  with the notion that, because it was a weekday, i would be almost all alone, i took my time, read a little, chewed really slowly, gazed out onto the people who passed by, scribbled my thoughts onto my xmas list (a.k.a scratch paper), and just enjoyed time by myself.  the restaurant’s decors inlcuded letters from diners/fans and quirky little sayings.  as if it was meant for me, my table’s saying caught my eye “what is the current theme song of your life?” hmmm………theme song……….reminded me of those lyrics i posted one sunday morning a few months back, yup that is my theme song (hold on, let me play it again…..im such a sentimental freak!).  life is good……my thoughts were interrupted by a mom who politely asked if she and her two girls (and a nanny in tow) could share a table.  sizing that the girls were not brats who would ruin my day, i offered them the other chairs at my table.  the experience was surprisingly pleasant as i listened to the mother-daughters’ interactions.  ideas again began to creep into my head how i would raise my kids.  behaved, responsible, little versions of me and my hubby (stepfords children?! hello!)  ive always been afraid of having children of my own because he/she might turn into little monsters i cannot control.  how do you raise children to be confident and yet submissive, to be an achiever but be humble?  such responsibility! 

*other matters*

today i started with a meeting

and will end with a wedding and maybe a get together with Gboys.  taking time out of the usual routine makes you realize that there is so much more to life.  i should do this more often…….if only i could…….¼/p>


December 14, 2007 - Posted by | Meandering

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