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last night we had dinner with the miguel-coronado family at eastwood.  i have not seen these people since 2001.  what a surprise that my cousin-in-law FC lost so much weight and what a delight to see my nephew baby flavio! he is not such a baby anymore though.  a 4 year old social creature, he warmed up to us readily.  how i wish that my when i have a child he/she will be as sweet as this little fellow.  after dinner little flavio requested that i ride the merry-go-round with him. (gosh the pictures from the ground made me look so fat! grrrr! pangs please erase all those pictures) and on the way home baby flavio would insist that we hold hands *aaawwww*

the other day hubby and i were planning when we’ll have our little bundle of joy.  i am so set in having one on the months of jan, feb or march.  just a little wierd idea i have.  2009 is the year! that is soooo close!  only 4 more months of unpregnancy…… SE my co-resident-family guru said that it would really be better now than later since im not getting any younger.  and according to her, pregnancy is really a joy (really?!)  now lets see, we’ve to start by choosing an OB (fear in my eyes! hehehe!).  i mean my smaller friends were able to get through it normally, why cant i?  i dont know, the feeling is like when i was in college and we had swimming classes in that big sports place near la salle and we were taught to jump off the real high diving board, you just stand there and look and look and look until your knees start to shake you just want to climb back down the stairs….but you cant, because what will people say? so you take a deep breath and just let it happen.  and when you’re in the cool water you say, “hey that wasnt so bad”.  i hope the experience will be the same all the way to the end!



December 11, 2007 - Posted by | Meandering

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