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finally a week of rest

a most awaited 1 week vacation……finally!  it is times like these when you sit back relax and realize there is so much more to life! 

my leave started with the department xmas party.  this year it was held at the hospital’s rooftop.  each year the pre residents have a sort of initiation into the department by rendering a dance number (believe you me i went thru this during my days).  this year the group of 15 pre residents accepted the role most cheerfully.  not only did they dance one number but added another.  for some weird reason someone suggested that the second number be a medley and that the senior residents come in and join.  resistance among senior residents was strong (except moi who thought it would be fun! hehehe) so after a grueling duty last saturday i went to the office where outgoing assistant chief-former dancer myra, was already teaching the dance steps. after our “rehersals”  i was picked up by my ever patient husband so that we can have lunch.  of course i dozed off after our meal, only to be awaken 2 hours later by stern “wake up, ma lalate ka na naman” (harharhar, im so tamad!).  of course there were people who came in later than i so that the 3pm party actually started at 5pm.  but the setting was nice as the sun went down, the lighting in the photos were almost nostalgic.  i dont know if it was because the party this year was held with the nurses, or because this will be my graduating year *sigh* or maybe because my hubby was with me for this year’s party,  maybe it was due to good hosts or the many achievements in 2007 that were recognized that night, maybe it was the seniors’ fun-ny participation,  but this party seemed like it was more fun than the rest of the pedia parties i have attended.  or maybe it was just me.  that night Dr. RS announced that i would be the incoming chief resident (mixed emotions of fear and delight -fear of wading in waters not well known to me but delighted that someone has handed to me what to do for another 12 months).  its too bad Dr. EPR wasnt there.  i would have wanted the authority figure i look up to, to have been there.  my few minutes of fame in front.

 so my better half and i went out for a night cap after the party at his friends’ newly opened bar, carbon, infront of pier one in ortigas.  embarrasingly i got a little whoozy from their long island iced tea (what a manang! hehehe!)

 the next day we were out of the house by 530am for a track day at the batangas racing circuit. pangs was real excited because we were bringing an evo 4 of one of his friend.  but i was soooooo sleeeeeppppy………the suspension of the car was so stiff that going 180 on philippine roads felt like you were being prepared to be a strawberry smoothy but i havent had my coffee that morning that i could careless, i still dozed off! we were one the few cars who got there first. after a few laps on the circuit with RG on the driver’s seat, it was pangs’ turn to drive. MJ and i were on the stands and watched.  we were mesmerized by the speed of a GT3 on the track until we got impatient because the evo 4 still had not gone out of the pit.  when we peeped down we saw that RG was under the car being “mang guyver”.  unfortunately the evo, which i guess has not been driven for a long time at racing speed (as the owner had a subaru which he drove on the track), had engine problems.  gosh….i felt bad pangs didnt get his turn on the track!  we ended the day with mass and the new episode of CSI.  not bad for the start of a good week……

so here i am home alone, a little jittery from my withdrawal symptoms from work, looking forward to a good well scheduled week (fine, call me OC).  im so itching to clean our room but monday is tamad-day and im not allowed to lift a finger to fix things.  tonight we will have dinner with my cousin GC, her hubby and little baby boy.  tomorrow will be goodbye-kalat-day as i will get the chance to clean out our room (pray that i get the courage to part with my prized momentos).  wednesday will be my xmas shopping day (yippeeee! warning: ill be out by myself so hopefully i will be able to control my buying frenzy -budget, budget!).  then thursday is my day out -think calm lazy day by myself with a book,  just walking/window shopping -i just had to inject that! hehehe! then friday i have to attend a wedding and finally saturday and sunday will be time spent with my pangs! what a good week i will have!


December 10, 2007 - Posted by | Meandering

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