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everything is illuminated

we just finished watching a great movie “everything is illuminated”

i love it because…….
1. its an art film -its a limited release movie so you know that its special
2. its filled with trivia (just look at http://www.dancaster.com/ejw/ejw_eii_trivia.htm)
3. it has a great moral lesson …main theme of Everything Is Illuminated speaks to the preservation of life’s precious moments……i do believe in this, that’s why i have so much gunk! my husband (who is working on his computer and not minding me) said so while we were watching the film and i of course denied such an accusation, after which he pointed to our printer table where i had piles of magazines and what have nots……harharhar! i do promise to start working on letting go of things once im done with my residency. but now i think that might take a backseat as it looks like im taking an extra year for administrative work. YES or NO…now that is the question that has been bugging me for the past couple of weeks (among other things). yes seems to be the most sensible answer but it was not as official as it is today. i had hoped me and the person busy with his computer behind me (do i sense some bitterness here?! hehehehe!) could have a dialogue about it but due to undesired circumstances last night my plan went bezerk and we ended up talking about it on the ride to work (duh…..10 minutes). i also believe that things happen for a reason and because of this i tend to accept things more easily…….or am i just an easy target? (think, think, think)
and why is tony blair on tv talking about peace talks in jerusalem? he says something about picking up tourism in bethlehem. hmmmmm……..i say we go to bethlehem and he (not tony blair of course) says do i want to get kidnapped and i said we should go there and see the manger where jesus was born. of course he says im crazy (i imagine neon lights *eeeenk-eeenk-eeenk* pointing to a manger as a tourist spot for gullible tourists like me! hehehe!)
flight of ideas from the future boss (who would have thought?!)


November 19, 2007 - Posted by | Meandering

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