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discoveries after the wedding bells

look at the sun its finally shining on my life for me and for you

there is something exciting about getting up early on a sunday and the eagerness to wake us is there.  i have not felt that in a long time (especially not during work days).  of course this sunday is different because i was given the go signal by my wonderful hubby to plan the day.  i do love planning.  in my opinion the best vacations are the one best planned as oppose to pangs who thinks the best vacations are the ones where you do nothing (that is relaxation to him). 

however opposite we are we seem to endlessly complement each other.  i was showing him a goyard bag for men last night and asked him if he would ever carry one around.  he said he was not into the “bading” fashion.  yes, he is more of the backpacker, grease monkey, and i, the designer bag, ‘why do it yourself when you can pay someone to do it for you -gal’.  this conversation came after i had an emotional anxiety attack which my lovig husband handled very well.  i do love this man!

so i got up in a good mood full of wonderful ideas in my head.  i started by perfuming the room with the little gadget we got from our wedding money (i forgot what you call it).  it’s the little fishbowl that blows air into scented water.  then i surfed looking for new fashion while listening to bossa through my hand-me-down ipod earphones.  i do love the feel of listening to my own music through earphones because i feel that im in my own little world while the outside world does its own thing (zzzzzz coming from the bed behind me as it is too early for pangs).  when the log that is behind me wakes up we will go to the grocery and pick up some milk for our espresso machine and some waffle mix……yes im finally over my phobia and am up to giving it another try! then we will enjoy our home-made breakfast infront of the morning paper (what a great morning!).  then we’ll head off to the mall for some shopping and then top the day with mass.

what a perfect plan for a perfect sunday!


All of my life there were things I wanted to do
But they all changed the moment I set my eyes on you
The magnetism that attracted me to you
There’s something inside I just can’t explain
But now I know what I must do

Hey look at the sun it’s finally shining on my life
It’s shining on my life
And it’s all because of you
It’s finally shining on my life
For me and for you

All of my life I’ve wandered ‘round time and again
But I never thought that all my searchin’ would come to an end
And then you came along
And my world of love began
So now I’m gonna change my ways
You’re all I want
You’re all I need


October 14, 2007 - Posted by | Meandering

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  1. Nicely said Mitzi, I totally agree on what you said about why do it yourself if you can pay someone to do it for you.

    Comment by Claudette | October 31, 2007 | Reply

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