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spending time together one lazy weekend

weekends off and we of course spent it together!  i dont know if my better half enjoys these events as much as i do (sometimes i think i get a little melodramatic probably because these weekends dont come every week for me)  but i do so love the fact that i get to get up even just once every three weeks to my own accord, no alarms, nor any dragging of self to the shower. 

i promised myself that this weekend would be a totally relaxing one and it has.  we watched chuck and larry which i may say is a fairly funny movie (i chuckled most of the time and i love the little boy who was cultured singing and tapping away……gosh hope that if i get a little boy i dont make him into a her)!  before the movie we were window shopping and to my delight my hubby offered to buy me a unique pony hair pair of shoes that i was attracted to! maybe he knew it didnt come in my size, as they didnt, and i ended up empty handed.  i was so surprised at the gesture that i thought maybe he had done something wrong and repaying me by indulging my weakness (shoes!).  of course i was just joshing about the fact that he did something wrong….he is such a darling…..it was our 3rd month as a married couple that was why!  so empty handed (or should i say empty footed in my case), i went and replaced my hopelessly lost multipurpose pen with a brand new shinny one!  and just appropriate because i can engrave my new name on it (maybe if i say it over and over i can convince myself that it was ok to lose my previous one! hehehe!).  

dsc_1677.jpg the lazy weekend entailed attending the christening of the baby of my HS friend TCV.  her little angel looks so much like her! i hope that when i get my little bundle of joy she will look like moi also! hehehe!  catching up with good friends was a nice extra to the event.  can i just inject that our other friend VMT’s angel, at 7 month old, loves the sound of justin timberlake!  she will definitely grow up to be chic like her mom and her ninang!  ok, ok, enough of the self centered talk. anyaoriginal.jpg
i did see an anya hindmarch i’m not a plastic bag in the party ( i just had to say it)
cool!  i really dont care much for it but im amused that people are taking time to be fashionistas and environmentalists at the same time!  oh did i say that i finally got an sm save a bag, save the world green bag care of aunts!  i yet have to use it though. 

next in our itinerary was to spend time with my father in law to purchase a new phone.  he got the new “my phone” which can handle 2 sim cards in one phone (cool!) .  

now as we unwind the lazy weekend, hubby and i are almost in different worlds, me blogging and him in his little dark room (editing photos using i think photo shop).  i was playing my two fave songs over and over, and feeling a bit self conscious, had to whip out my earphones so that he doesnt think im such a weirdo listening to two songs over and over again!  i do enjoy such an activity while blogging….. its almost therapeutic if i may call it that…..

speaking of earphones we found this really cool earphones
can you imagine that i tried it and compared it to bose and i actually recognized the difference! i have a funny story related to this. i used to have a regular in-ear earphone which i used during my weirdo days like today. when my hubby went to the US and left his ipod earphones here in the Phil. i borrowed it and my gosh i cannot describe the surprise that i got listening with a higher end earphones! from then on i was introduced to the world of sound. it was like i was deaf and suddenly heard the full range of sounds! no kidding! i will never go back to mass produced cheap earphones!


September 23, 2007 - Posted by | Meandering

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