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it has been a silent agreement that i will try to do my wifey duties by cooking a dish once a month near our monthly anniversary day and i will get a reward with a date to a new restaurant (that agreement is between me and my imagination -but my hubby gladly plays along).  fair enough! so far i have made rubbery waffles (my first attempt at cooking for my loving husband) and on our second month, im proud to say, i cooked a very delicious korean beef stew *eyelash batting*.  this month my better half asked if i could cook sukiyaki to which i flatly said no.  baby steps my dear……lets not have a rerun of the rubbery waffle breakfast which stayed on the table the whole day and mysteriously disappeared overnight (probably on to the dogie bowl).  so i handed him my prized yummy magazine and he happily chose the chicken curry recipe that was featured. 

we both love food.  weather its trying a new restaurant or watching jaimie oliver (for him) or anthony bordain (for me), we both end up happily……..well, happy!

bubble thought – i really love shows with a concience talking e.g. sex and the city, anthony bourdain’s no reservations, gray’s anatomy ….. back to food –

so sometime soon, ill be cooking my 3rd recipe on our 3rd month as husband and wife! it takes effort but im happy to do it because i make the person who makes me happy, happy  =)


September 20, 2007 - Posted by | Meandering

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