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midnight snacks

when we were children, we were taught to eat up at dinner because midnight snacks were not in our family’s vocabulary.  now that im married i find it hard to keep that way of living.  for some reason my hubby loves to eat just before retiring and im (the spoiler) perpetuating it.  like the other day we went grocery shopping (yes, im officially a wifey) and when i unloaded the bags i realized we bought so much junk food!!! and today, i just had to bring burger snacks home!   talk about perpetuating bad habits!
speaking of grocery shopping i was so excited when we were in the grocery because i wanted to avail of the greenbag……environmental friendly schemes! but then the mechanics were so complex and for a newly wed we really didnt need P500 worth of “buy me” products!!! i do want the bag badly and was even thinking of buying from the customer service!harharhar!

the real reason we went grocery shopping was because we went to buy ingredients for my next endevour……korean beef stew……..im finally over my trauma of rubbery waffles and have my gusto back on being the ideal wifey (ok, not too ideal).  so there, after buying the new pressure cooker, i had to think up of a recipe that we could use it with (bulalo seems to complex and i really dont want to taint the ever favorite ulam!) so till sunday evening …….. korean beef stew here we come…….


August 24, 2007 - Posted by | Meandering

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